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Congratulations on your newly- bought watch!

So, how do you maintain your watches so that it stays in tip- top condition and last a life- time?

Here are some tips we’ll love to share with you:

1) Keep your watches in a watch storage case when not wearing, so that it lessen the opportunity of any dust, scratches or stain.

2) Avoid placing them near magnets as it may affect the time- keeping of your watch mechanism.

3) Service your watch every two or three years for a mechanical watch and three to four years for a quartz watch.

4) Never attempt to open your watch by yourself. Leave this up to a watchmaker who is professionally trained in this field. Opening your watch might expose it to dust, dirt, and other tiny particles that can get inside the movement, so it is advisable to leave this to a professional.

Click on the images for more tips on Watch Care that applies to your timepiece:


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