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Water Resistant vs Water Proof Watch

Watch Care


A watch which is stamped with “Water Resistant”, basically means that it is protected from humidity.
It can withstand water splashes from washing your face or hands or being caught in the rain. However, it does not mean it can endure a swim or shower.

Diving watches are engineered for heavy water usage and can sustain 200 meters of depth. If you are planning to regularly indulge in any water sports or activities such as swiming, diving, surfing or boating, a diving watch is definitely an excellent option for consideration.

1) Refrain wearing it in hot and steamy environments such as saunas or spa pools. Hot water molecules can potentially enter into your watch causing condensation which cause damage to the mechanism.

2) Refrain from showering with your watch on. Shampoo and soaps are corrosive to any watch’s delicate components.

3) Before going into the waters, make sure the crown is screwed in all the way, so it is sealed up properly toprevent any water seeping in.

4) Diving into a pool causes a major shock and change in pressure to a watch that is not meant for diving. Multiple dives can eventually push the amount of pressure over its limit, and at that point, water will be forced through the gaskets and into the movement causing damage.


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